California Radon Testing (CalRadon) performs short term testing for residential homes using laboratory certified activated charcoal canisters. Homes should be closed up for 24 hours prior to the test (windows and doors), and during the test, except for normal coming and going. We normally test using three canisters, placed in the lower level of the home (lowest occupiable space). The canisters must be left for a minimum of 48 hours. Our technician will then pick up and seal the canisters and deliver them overnight by Federal Express to the Certified Radon Laboratory. Your radon test results are normally available within 24-48 hours of receipt by the laboratory. Test results are emailed to CalRadon. We review the results and provide the findings and any recommendations to the client the same day. Testing costs range between $300 and $500, depending on the size and location of the home.

Calradon also performs short term testing for multi-tenant housing.  The testing protocol is essentially the same as for residential homes.  Multi-tenant testing is normally performed on at least 50% of the ground level dwellings, and 10% of upper level dwellings. We take care to place the canisters in appropriate, but out of the way locations to keep from disturbing occupants. Canister placement takes only 1-2 minutes per dwelling. We ask that occupants be informed of the testing beforehand and can help with the notification language if necessary.

For schools and daycare centers, each of the ground floor rooms (except kitchens, closets and bathrooms) must be tested. We ask that building plans be provided for bidding and testing to ensure complete coverage. Testing should be performed during normal weekdays with HVAC systems on, but windows and doors closed (except for normal coming and going).

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